Call for testing of colocated branch support in

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Jan 19 22:11:28 UTC 2012

Am 19/01/12 22:37, schrieb Gustavo Niemeyer:

>> "bzr rmbranch" has been around for a while (at least 2.4 I think), so if we
>> wanted to add -d option to 'bzr branch' we should probably make sure to
>> deprecate and eventually remove rmbranch. On the other hand, we also have
>> "bzr tag --delete". We should either have them both as options or both as
>> commands, I think.
> Understood. I had no idea the command existed beforehand. rmbranch
> seems to do something unlike what the co-located version does, though.
> I'd still suggest matching the interface given that there's choice
> (there's no branch -d yet).
I just realized; I think that should be "--delete" rather than "-d", for 
consistency with "bzr tag" and more importantly to prevent confusion 
with the -d/--directory option that is supported by a lot (most?) of the 
other bzr subcommands, and means "Directory to operate on, instead of 
working directory.".

Still, having it as an option (even if it's slightly differently named) 
is probably easier to discover for git users than as a separate command.

>> The advantage of having delete and move as options to "bzr branch" is that
>> it's familiar for users who have already used git, and perhaps a bit more
>> easily discoverable (though we could also make sure that "bzr help branch"
>> mentions "bzr rmbranch"). The disadvantage is that it makes the "bzr branch"
>> set of options larger, and harder to understand, especially as we add more
>> branch-removal-specific options.
> Agreed on both counts..

What does the rest of the list think? Do you prefer:

bzr tag foo -r454
bzr tag --delete foo
bzr branch foo bar
bzr branch --delete foo


bzr tag foo -r454
bzr rmtag foo
bzr branch foo bar
bzr rmbranch foo




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