TortoiseBzr 0.6.6 beta 1 has been released.

Iwata iwata0303 at
Mon Jan 9 07:14:04 UTC 2012


I've tagged TortoiseBzr 0.6.6 beta 1 now.

* Now, TortoiseBZR can detect changes from terminal, Bazaar Explorer, etc.
  (Previously, TortoiseBZR only can detect changes from context menu.)

* "Checkout/Branch" menu is shown even if in the working tree.
  And if it is called against working tree, from-location is filled with
  root of the tree.

* Avoid to access to remote branch via lightwight checkout or stacked branch.

# I've also made merge proposal for lp:bzr-windows-installers.
# Please merge it before building windows installers of bzr2.5b5.

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