Dropping old PPA entries from PPA changelogs

Max Bowsher maxb at f2s.com
Tue Sep 21 22:02:33 BST 2010

I'm currently reviewing the content of the PPA branches in preparation
to building 2.2.1 PPA packages.

I've noticed that there are various minor changes which are persisting
in the PPA branches as compared to the Debian unstable branch - things
like minor builddeps differences, or Standards-Version lines differing,
which speak of imperfect merging in the past. It's my intention to
examine and revert these back to congruence with the unstable branch for
the 2.2.1 ppa packages.

Whilst I'm staring hard at these diffs, I notice huge diffs in the
changelogs, which are basically just lots of "Target PPA" entries.

I propose, and seek consensus approval, to revert the PPA
debian/changelog file back to an exact copy of the Debian one before
adding the 2.2.1 PPA changelog entry, provided always that when doing
so, any changes that _do_ remain vs. the Debian version are to be
documented in the PPA changelog entry.

I feel this will tidy things up and make it considerably easier to audit
local changes in the PPA branches vs. Debian.


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