bzrlib and branch discovery

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Sat Aug 7 18:07:39 BST 2010

On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 1:22 AM, Gabriel Filion <lelutin at> wrote:

> Thanks for your reply!
> However, bzr branches seems to fair only as good as I could with bzrlib:
Ah.  I apologize.  I did not take the time to understand your entire

As Marrius writes, the problem is getting a directory listing over http.  I
have a suggestion, but it would require the cooperation of the server -- LP
inthis case.

Since webservers parse requests to determine which "handler" to apply to a
given request, it should be possible to provide a server-side script which
parses a request for a named secondary location and returns plaintext  (or
maybe the DTD of your choice) listing of that secondary location.  This is
flexible enough to allow the server to do all sorts of security checks,
which I would certainly insist upon it it were my server.

I'm afraid none of this helps you help yourself, unless you're running your
own instance of LP.  Maybe the nice LP people will consider it for you.

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