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> We're going to branch off 2.2 and bump the trunk to 2.3 in about a
> month so it's possible that we could say the 2.2 series will be the
> last one supported on 2.4.  I feel like the right time to do that is
> when somebody says "I really want to do X and it's just not feasible
> in 2.4" - whether that is using 2to3 or six or something else.  We've
> had some "it would be nice" cases like context managers but nothing
> really compelling yet.

I think most of the 2.4 vs newer comes down to code clarity sorts of
things. from . import foo, context managers, except X as e, defaultdict,
etc. I haven't seen anything that is 'must have', but quite a few things
that 'would be nice'.

As I understand it, that is the good/bad of python 3 as well. Apparently
it is much cleaner as a language 'from the beginning', but there really
isn't anything you can do that you couldn't before. So everyone that has
worked out python-2 quirks doesn't benefit very much.

Anyway, I see your point. From my pov, there is always the
chicken-and-the-egg stuff. I would probably look more closely at making
sure we work with python-2.7 today, and once that is out, we'd probably
be want to be close to ready for python3 around 1-year after python-2.7
is released (it will be supported for a long time, but after about a
year I would guess missing features would start to be noticeable.)

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