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Wed Apr 7 20:28:26 BST 2010

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Lars Hoss wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> at work I started to work on a new project. Since SVN is set as the corp
> versioning system I decided to give bzr-svn a go. So far it works fine
> except that I always get a password prompt. Of course I digged around
> for a bit but wasn't able to find a solution that works:
> - Using svn+https:// without any changes to authentication.conf works,
> but prompts at least two times for tasks such as bzr update
> - Using svn+https:// with an user and password entry in authentication.conf
> results in an crash:
> bzr: ERROR: subvertpy.SubversionException: ('PROPFIND von \xc2\xbb/svn/repos/iphone/iphone2/trunk/xxx-iphone\xc2\xab: Autorisierung schlug fehl: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (https://xxx)', 170001)
> (scheme = https)
> - Using svn+https:// with only an user entry in authentication.conf will prompt
> for the password but still will crash like above.
> - Using https:// doesn't work for me because the company uses a
> self-signed certificate and bzr refuses to accept it. The documentation
> mentions "verify_certificates" but it also says it isn't implemented yet?
> Any ideas or suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Lars

If you connect using svn first, and then try to use bzr-svn after, does
it still prompt?

I thought there were difficulties handing info from bzr to svn code, so
if you use svn directly first, it can cache the credentials in a place
that it can then use it. I may be thinking to far back, though.

Alternatively, bzr-svn may only support some auth types.

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