[ANN] bzr-grep 0.2.0

Parth Malwankar parth.malwankar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 11:31:47 BST 2010


I am happy to announce bzr-grep 0.2.0.
This release has significant performance enhancements
since 0.1.0 and some new options.

Thanks to everyone who helped, by filing issues and by giving
ideas on how bzrlib could be used to get better performance.

Changes since last release:
* 'binary file skipped' warning is not shows without --verbose flag to
  avoid clutter.

* Added support for -F/--fixed-string for faster search.
  Simple patterns [a-zA-Z0-9 _] are now implicitly -F and searched faster.

* Better unicode handling. bzr-grep no longer crashes with UnicodeDecode
  error for some outputs. (#539258)

* Faster grep for revision range. bzr-grep now caches results for
  files that have not changed between revisions.

* Faster grep for specific revision. (#539429)

* Significant performance improvement. Working tree grep for bzr.dev
  has gone from ~7.5s to ~1s. (#539028)

* Support for -L/--files-without-match and -l/files-with-matches


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