Bazaar Presentation.

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Thu Mar 25 04:29:19 GMT 2010

Ben Finney writes:

 > In the ~Idea to project~ slide, an important distinction between Git and
 > Bazaar in remote setup is that Bazaar remote repositories can be stored
 > and published via existing standard protocols (HTTP, SFTP) without
 > anything specific running on the remote end. I think that Git requires
 > at least Git running on the remote end.

No, git is capable of using dumb storage (HTTP/DAV only, but everybody
has that nowadays).  It requires some preparation on the server side,
setup for writing is non-trivial, and Bazaar may be more efficient
than git if you are using dumb protocols, though.  (Hard though that
last may be to believe!)

This is not considered a feature by git users.  Why it is considered a
feature by Bazaar users and developers, I don't know. :-)

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