GNU Emacs has switched to Bazaar.

Ben Finney ben+bazaar at
Mon Dec 28 01:06:18 GMT 2009

Karl Fogel <karl.fogel at> writes:

> GNU Emacs has switched to Bazaar, as planned.  See here for details:

Congratulations to those ambassadors and new Bazaar citizens within the
Emacs community for getting to this point.

> Thanks for all the help everyone here (developers and non-developers)
> has given preparing for this switchover. I'm sure Emacs devs will be
> posting here with various questions in the near future. I thank you in
> advance for your patience -- the project has been on CVS since 1993,
> so this is a big change.

We in the Bazaar community (presuming I can speak for this community)
welcome them in advance, and thank you for the notice :-)

Let's make the ongoing transition to Bazaar a smooth and positive
experience for the Emacs folks!

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