new testing dependency; testtools 0.9.2

Robert Collins robertc at
Wed Dec 23 01:00:12 GMT 2009

Testtools 0.9.2 is now a dependency for running the test suite.

Testtools ( supports python 2.4 and
above, its available from pypi as well as launchpad, is packaged in
Debian & Ubuntu. It is also present in the bzr-beta-ppa for hardy and
up, and also in the subunit releases PPA with subunit 0.0.4 for folk
using the optional subunit integration. (Note that while older subunits
will still work, for optimal behaviour, subunit 0.0.4 is recommended).

There are some slight selftest output changes as a result of this -
these fall into two groups:
 - deliberate
 - accidental

The deliberate changes are that log file reporting is now done as part
of a standard interface for test reporting, so the log and backtrace are
both presented as structured data.

However, there are some untested corners in our reporting infrastructure
which may have been overlooked in this conversion: while the tests will
work and report, they may not look quite as nice as they did: such
issues will be shallow, please file bugs on any that you notice.

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