bzr pull vs. bzr update

Tom Widmer tom.widmer at
Fri Dec 18 13:36:52 GMT 2009

Aaron Bentley wrote:
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> Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
>> :-( I haven't found one.  Until John mentioned it just now, I wasn't
>> aware of the subtle difference that a checkout doesn't set the parent
>> pointer, while binding a branch does.
> No, binding never sets a parent pointer.  Creating the branch with "bzr
> branch" would set the parent pointer.
> So bzr branch foo + bzr bind foo ~= bzr checkout, but it's the *branch*
> operation, not the *bind* operation that sets the parent pointer.

The upshot is that bzr co should set the parent pointer as well as the 
bound branch, so that pull works by default for checkouts (and fails if 
you've diverged from the bound/parent branch).

Incidentally, does it make sense for the parent branch and bound branch 
to be different? What use cases are there for that, since it is 
obviously a potential source of confusion?


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