Embedding Bazaar into C/C++ applications

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Dec 15 03:15:40 GMT 2009

Martin Pool writes:

 > Please don't put words into other people's mouths on such topics, even
 > hypothetically.

Hey, that is seriously unfair!

The inference that Canonical (the corporation, as opposed to the
developers who work in it) is pragmatic about the use of legal
measures is obvious, given Canonical's past (and present?)  use of
closed source (and proprietary licenses?) "where appropriate", its
choice of a restrictive public license, and the very suggestive, even
aggressive, wording of its standard assignment agreement.  It just
isn't good for the corporate image to actually mention that, I gather.

Too bad for the corporate image.  If you don't like that inference,
get those policies (especially the assignment form) changed.  I know
that you are already trying to do that, which is good in itself,
whether or not you succeed.  But until you succeed, I will have to
assume that your opinions on this matter do not represent those of
Canonical top management.

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