please explain the hg plugin

Ben Finney ben+bazaar at
Tue Dec 15 00:10:17 GMT 2009

Tim Michelsen <timmichelsen at> writes:

> Please tell me how to work with the [hg] plugin.

AFAICT, the ‘bzr-hg’ plug-in is still considered experimental so there
isn't good documentation for it. You can search the archives of this
forum to find my previous requests like yours, and the ensuing

> So many projects use different DVCS. I would like to maintain them all
> in BZR! ;-)

Yes, the promise of using a sane VCS tool to work with less-optimal VCS
repositories is a very attractive one.

However that requires people to spend time working on the code, and to
make compromises to get Bazaar working with formats out of its control
that don't store the information Bazaar needs for many of its

AIUI, the ‘bzr-hg’ project is lacking people's time to work on it, and
to write documentation.

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