Danny van Heumen danny at dannyvanheumen.nl
Mon Dec 14 15:29:52 GMT 2009

I'm not experienced in bzr development yet, but I'm wondering about the 

Gordon Tyler wrote:
> On 14/12/2009 9:19 AM, Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
>>>>>>> "Gordon" == Gordon Tyler <gordon at doxxx.net> writes:
>> That's what I call 'fixing in 2.0 from the start': you begin with
>> a branch that will be cleanly mergeable to the stable branch.
> Would you say that should be the preferred way of fixing bugs reported
> on 2.0 versions?
What about fixing bugs by default in the released (supported) version? 
(Something like the Daggy Fixes method suggests that was named earlier, 
although maybe you should not go back as far as the specific revision in 
which the bug was introduced.)

It seems to be more profitable since you enhance the stability of 
released version(s) and the more recent the code is, the more chance 
there is that you need to resolve conflicts, which seems easier to me 
since the code is more recent. (Or very hard if the code changed 
significantly, but then you would probably need to check if the bug 
still exists.)


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