Some plans for scmproj

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Dec 14 14:25:13 GMT 2009

Michael Gliwinski пишет:
> On Friday 11 December 2009 18:39:55 Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>> I will comment other questions a bit later, right now some clarification
>> about snapshot and deleted component.
> OK.
>> You can't "restore" snapshot actually. If you get copy of the project from
>> revision 6 of control branch the project config will clearly shows that
>> there is no component B, therefore no data for component B will be present
>> in snapshot. If you get copy of project from revision 5 or before when
>> component B still present, you'll get full project (A+B) with their actual
>> tips as they saved in snapshot.
>> Anyway, project config is main data, snapshot is supplementary data.
>> Is it clearer now?
> Ah, yes I see now.  I also had a look at the code and see that I was 
> misinterpreting the idea of snapshots before.  So basically snapshots are 
> more closely associated with revisions of the control branch, hence instead 
> of "restoring" a snapshot, you just checkout the project at (control branch) 
> revision in which the snapshot was recorded and you get the project with all 
> components at revisions specified in the snapshot (instead of their current 
> tips), is that correct?


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