Conflicts in removed files

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Dec 10 17:41:53 GMT 2009

Stefan Monnier пишет:
> I keep getting annoyed by conflicts in files I don't care about and am
> wondering how can I tell Bazaar to just bother me with those:
> Basically the situation is as follows:
> - take an upstream repository with some files you don't want.
> - in your own branch, do "bzr rm filesIdontwant; bzr commit".
> - from then on, every time you "bzr merge" and those files have been
>   modified upstream, Bazaar will complain about conflicts in those files.
> I understand that these are real conflicts and that depending on the
> reason why I removed those files, I may very much want to know about
> those conflicts so I can merge the changes into some other place (for
> example), say if I removed "foo.c" because I reimplemented the
> functionality from scratch in some other file.
> But in many cases, I removed the file because I really don't care and
> don't want to see its content, neither now nor in the future.  So, I'd
> like to be able to tell Bzr about it so it doesn't keep pestering me
> with those spurious conflicts which I always have to resolve by hand.
> The worst case I found was when the upstream repository contained an
> auto-generated file, so you may like to remove the file locally to avoid
> silly conflicts in this non-source file, but if you do that, you still
> get conflicts.
> Of course, you'll say that such a case should never occur since such
> files should never be under Bzr's control, but life is often different
> from what it should and what we'd like it to be, and we don't always
> have control over it.
> So, does Bzr offer some way to say
>    bzr rm --really-no-conflicts-please filesIdontwant


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