[ANN] Scmproj 0.5 released

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Sun Dec 6 15:57:36 GMT 2009

Paul Harris пишет:
>     > So its not quite what I'd call a snapshot... its more like two
>     > independent bundles of branches that evolve independently.
>      Occasionally
>     > I might merge between v3 and v4.
>     >
>     > Is this what you are doing?
>     Well, more or less. Snapshot just remember what was the state of
>     entire project at any given point
>     of time when you commit entire project. So if you need to recreate
>     your v3 or v4 project in the
>     state as it was month ago, you get this easily with snapshots.
> I imagine I would have to keep deleting and recreating the "tip" tag for
> the (eg) v3 project, in order to easily locate the tip of that
> particular branch of development... that would work, right?

Yes, in theory you can use tags to track the tip of your components, but in practice tags is mostly
write-once thing. When you start to move tags to another revision you quickly will face up with
inevitable tag conflicts, and this is real pain in the ass.

I've tried using tags this way, but it proved to be real nightmare.

> And I assume once I have that tip tag, I can then get the branch history
> via bzr log... ?
> eg,
> bzr log -projecttag v3
> ?

bzr log -r tag:v3

> I assume thats in the docs, I'll read up on it.
>     How you handle this situation with
>     your dates-folders? Create as much folders as you need checkpoints?
> basically yes, although I only need to create a new folder when I'm
> about to change something very significantly, eg by adding or removing a
> component.   otherwise if I wanted my project from 1 month ago, I'd just
> revert back to 1 month prior on each of the component directories.
>     This seems like step backward.
> its a step forward from where i was before.  it seems like scmproj would
> be another step forward for me.

I don't have full picture of your project and how it evolved, so my comment is related to my own

>     I understand your scheme with v3, v4 and current-tips and it makes
>     sense even in the terms of
>     scmproj. Snapshots are just remember history of your changes in
>     another dimension (time).
> I shall check it out :)  thanks !

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