Verifying SVN import, migrating

Anteru newsgroups at
Fri Dec 4 12:33:35 GMT 2009


I'm using bzr locally against a SVN repository for quite some time now,
and I'd like to fully migrate from SVN to bzr. Is there any built-in way
to verify that the bzr import of a SVN repository contains really the
full history? In my case, my local bzr repository is 20 revisions behind
the SVN repository, and I'd like to check (preferably automatically)
which revisions have been omitted (maybe it's just tags). I thought
about checking out every single revision from SVN and the bzr import in
turn, and compare them, but I wonder whether there is a better way.

Second question: The SVN repository contains lots of bzr: properties now
as I committed from bzr to it. Is this going to cause trouble when doing
a new bzr checkout for the final migration?


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