bazaar Digest, Vol 58, Issue 14

Adrian Wilkins adrian.wilkins at
Wed Dec 2 22:23:39 GMT 2009

On 02/12/09 19:54, jam wrote:
> hudson has support for
> starting a slave

This seems to be the case ; you'd have to write a script to start the 
EC2 instance via the API and wait for it to be up.

Once your job has finished you can have it run a shutdown command (? 
psshutdown, or whatever EC2 uses to send an ACPI shutdown to VMs).

There is a series of articles on Hudson build farms here, including some 
stuff about Windows being an awkward SOB (in terms of both admin and 
application development).

Some of their comments about RDP being necessary are probably not so 
true ; process management from the CLI would be possible with Powershell 
(if you can pipe that over SSH... Sysinternals psexec will pipe command 
lines across the network also). Cygwin SSH comes in a convenient package 
(copssh) for Windows.

Many of their problems are with customizing the Java execution 
environment to test different VMs, which doesn't concern Bazaar.

I've had a reasonable amount of contact with Hudson on both Windows and 
Linux recently, although not with slaves, so I could proffer some 

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