Running a 'medium' EC2 instance

Francis J. Lacoste francis.lacoste at
Wed Dec 2 20:05:36 GMT 2009

On December 2, 2009, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> I was also wondering how we could hook up this sort of thing to
> buildbot/hudson. I believe Vincent mentioned that hudson has support for
> starting a slave, waiting for it to get ready, then having it run
> commands, and then shut itself down. If that is true, then it seems like
> a rather good fit for our usage. Running for 1-2hrs / day including
> startup, running, and shutdown times seems quite reasonable.

Gary added the same capability to buildbot last year FWIW. Launchpad runs its 
test suites in EC2 via buildbot.

Francis J. Lacoste
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