Default performance of 'lp:foo' URLs

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Wed Dec 2 01:28:40 GMT 2009

Gordon Tyler writes:

 > SSH handshaking when all you want to do is pull the latest couple of
 > revisions into your clone of trunk is somewhat annoying.

Huh?  You can observe the difference between 5ms and 15 ms?  I can't.

Maybe you're seeing something very different, but I use ssh URLs with
Mercurial all the time and just don't notice any difference between
them and http URLs -- even when I was looking, it's just way below my
JND.  Most of the time is spent updating the tree.  I'm outside of
Tokyo, the server ( seems to be in Amsterdam
according to whois.  I do it with git all the time to a server on the
same local network.  Same result.  I've never heard any complaints
from my colleagues about delays with SSH, either.  (On the other hand,
they're all still euphoric -- after 18 months :-) -- about the sub-
second diff capability.)

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