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Karl Fogel wrote:
> If anyone here wants to help out GNU Emacs as it switches to Bazaar, a
> good way would be to answer Bazaar questions posted by Eli Zaretskii:
>   * "Listing branches with bzr"
>     (The only response is from me, saying "I use loggerhead to do that".
>     I don't know if there's a better answer, though.)
>   * "Strange response after merge from upstream"
>     (No response yet.  I think the answer to his question is "Yes,
>     that's expected behavior, because you committed a merge", but it
>     would be better if someone who knows Bazaar well could answer.)

Expected behavior because they chose to use "merge" to do the
synchronization. I assume they are coming from git where "merge" will do
a fast-forward if possible. (aka pull).

You can get that behavior with "bzr merge --pull" if you really want it.
Alternatively we can discuss why the existing behavior is desirable.

>   * "Windows-specific questions about Bazaar"
>     (This one has already had some responses, but I don't know if
>     they're correct because I don't have Windows.)

paramiko works fine. I would only set BZR_SSH=plink if you have to.
paramiko can talk to pageant, plink makes a very crummy subprocess
(unlike openssh).

You may have to set "BZR_SSH=paramiko" if you have openssh installed and
on your path but not configured (say via cygwin). We will use it if it
is on your path, assuming you meant to put it there. Though this seems
to only sometimes be true. (Many people add cygwin to their path, but
don't intend for the 'ssh.exe' to be used over pageant, etc.)

I've never encountered timestamp issues. CVS transmits timestamps
between the local machine and the remote host, and IIRC stores the
'safe' timestamp as a time-string, not as a seconds-since-epoch. The
'dirstate' file stores the exact output of 'stat' as an integer seconds.
Even if there is skew, it will only trigger us to re-read the file
contents, sha sum it, and notice that it exactly matches the content in
the repository.

We never use that information for transmitting to/from the server, so it
can't cause us to read more data that way.

Put another way, it may effect "bzr status", it won't ever effect
network transmissions for "bzr update", "bzr pull" or "bzr merge".

As noted, $HOME is checked after APPDATA, so it is unlikely to be used.


> Eli's Bazaar questions are generally very good, in that other Emacs
> developers are likely to care about the answers.  If you answer one of
> his questions, and you want to go the extra mile, feel free to update
> too.
> And if you're going for the Bazaar Sainthood Award: feel free to
> subscribe to Emacs Devel and answer more of the Bazaar questions that
> are now popping up as we prepare for the switchover (in the next week or
> two, as soon as the Emacs 23.2 pretest freezes).
> Here's how to subscribe:
> -Karl

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