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Karl Fogel karl.fogel at
Tue Dec 1 22:04:38 GMT 2009

John Arbash Meinel <john at> writes:
>> So, I've avoided signing this agreement, because it's unclear to me
>> what my rights are in this agreement.  It seems like I can do almost
>> anything with my contributions, but I'm not sure what the extent is.
>> For instance, can I take modified portions of my contribution and
>> chose not to distribute the source for them?  Can I re-license it, and
>> use something similar in a different project which may fall under a
>> different license?  1. seems to indicate that I no longer own the
>> copyright to code I contribute, but then goes on to say that "I grant
>> ... perpetual license to use, ...".  That's just confusing to me.
>> I don't want to start a long thread about this... I'd rather someone
>> point me somewhere that more clearly informs me of what my rights are
>> upon signing the agreement.  Any chance there is such a page
>> somewhere?  Is there a better forum to get answers to these questions?
> There is
> If that helps.

John (Szakmeister), if that page doesn't give you all the answers you
need, contact me offlist and I'll try to steer you to someone in
Canonical who can answer the questions (and improve our FAQ at the same

And hi!  Long time no see,

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