Answering questions from Emacs developers.

Karl Fogel karl.fogel at
Tue Dec 1 21:58:46 GMT 2009

If anyone here wants to help out GNU Emacs as it switches to Bazaar, a
good way would be to answer Bazaar questions posted by Eli Zaretskii:

  * "Listing branches with bzr"

    (The only response is from me, saying "I use loggerhead to do that".
    I don't know if there's a better answer, though.)

  * "Strange response after merge from upstream"

    (No response yet.  I think the answer to his question is "Yes,
    that's expected behavior, because you committed a merge", but it
    would be better if someone who knows Bazaar well could answer.)

  * "Windows-specific questions about Bazaar"

    (This one has already had some responses, but I don't know if
    they're correct because I don't have Windows.)

Eli's Bazaar questions are generally very good, in that other Emacs
developers are likely to care about the answers.  If you answer one of
his questions, and you want to go the extra mile, feel free to update too.

And if you're going for the Bazaar Sainthood Award: feel free to
subscribe to Emacs Devel and answer more of the Bazaar questions that
are now popping up as we prepare for the switchover (in the next week or
two, as soon as the Emacs 23.2 pretest freezes).

Here's how to subscribe:


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