"Co-located branches" by convention

Tom Widmer tom.widmer at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 30 17:03:22 GMT 2009

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>  > 3. Yes, using .bzrbranches isn't the same thing as true colocated
>  >    branches, ones that bzr-git can use for referring to git branches.
> So what are the workflows/scenarios that make a shared-tree project a
> good idea?

For me:

1. When you have some tools that work best with fixed paths for 
particular projects, and you want to work on different branches of a 
project using those tools. (IDEs are a good example - loading an IDE 
project for a separate path can take a few minutes, but switching branch 
ofthe sources of the current IDE project only a few seconds).
2. If building from scratch is expensive. Sharing the tree between 
branches means you don't have to pay any compilation time cost for 
creating a new branch from your current, already compiled working tree. 
This is really a special case of 1, where the tool is the compiler!


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