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Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Mon Nov 30 12:39:49 GMT 2009

Óscar Fuentes wrote:

>> I also highly recommend using qlog instead of log. Fire it up once and
>> refresh it as required. It's *so* much easier & faster exploring history
>> using qlog than log.
> Some observations here:
> First: launched qlog and refreshed it twice: top says it used 1 minute and 346
> MB of RES memory.

Would it be useful if qlog supported a history horizon as a parameter,
i.e. don't bother looking back more than 10k revisions? If enabled, it
could have a button to say "show the lot".

> Third, and most important: we are Emacs users. We always work from
> Emacs, everything else is just auxiliary :-)

I know that. But, while they don't publicly admit it, I'm sure *some*
Emacs users occasionally use other cool apps like Firefox, right? :-)

I think qlog is fast approaching the point where it could tempt even
Emacs users to view bzr history that way. Even if I'm wrong, it's good
to get feedback on what we ought to do to make it even better/faster.

Ian C.

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