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Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Nov 30 04:12:02 GMT 2009

2009/11/23 Andrew Bennetts <andrew.bennetts at>:
> Hi all,
> I just finished the first round of patch piloting (see
> <>) last week.  Robert's doing this week... and
> then the roster is empty.  Who wants to volunteer?

I'm taking over patch piloting this week, Vincent will be next, and
the pilot's chair is currently empty for the week after that.

As we stand today we have 4 reviews ready to land, six that I'm
requested to do, three open from myself (some of which need fixes to
land), one that I'm in the middle of, and seventeen "other."

My goal is to take
<> down to being a
hit list where everything in it can be acted upon by either: reviewing
the branch, landing it (possibly with small fixes), or getting someone
else to do either of these things.  Either of those can be done in
bounded time, assuming the patches themselves are of reasonable size.
We should avoid having things on this page where people get in the
habit of assuming nothing can be done.

Any proposals that need other types of work I think should be moved
off this page by setting their state to eg 'work in progress' or even
'rejected'.  There is still some un-realized value in such things, but
they're probably better tracked by a bug marked 'in progress'.

As Andrew did, I'm going to prioritize contributions from non-core
developers on the theory that core developers have enough chutzpah to
either make someone review their patches, or to otherwise progress

I think, unless and until Launchpad gets a concept of 'responsible
person' for a review
<>, it
doesn't make sense for pilots to retain ownership of a patch once
their week ends.  So I'm going to look at all open reviews, and then
from next Monday not do any piloting.  Obviously if people have a
personal interest in a particular patch they can keep looking at it.

Martin <>

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