[MERGE] Documentation fixes: whitespace, terminology

Ben Finney ben+bazaar at benfinney.id.au
Mon Nov 30 00:56:05 GMT 2009

Howdy all,

I've addressed a couple of issues in the Bazaar documentation; one
technical, one terminological. This message attaches a patch bundle
against the public ‘lp:bzr’ branch.

* How welcome would a “delete trailing whitespace” patch be for the
  documentation? The first change addresses this, for the
  English-language documentation files.

* The documentation refers fairly consistently to “version control
  system” and “VCS” for the system the Bazaar is. There are a couple of
  legacy “revision control system” occurrences, though; I think this is
  confusing because RCS is still a specific system in use by numerous
  people. I have changed all these to be consistent with the normal
  “version control system” term.

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