Rev graph caching strategy (was Re: trac-bzr performance)

Martin von Gagern Martin.vGagern at
Sat Nov 28 10:19:04 GMT 2009

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Ian, it seems the problem much complex than that. trac-bzr is not bzr plugin, it's plugin for trac.
> And as Aaron noted trac design is hugely different from usual bzr design. So it seems natural that
> trac-bzr might need different type of cache.

Nevertheless, the things Trac wants cached would probably be wanted by
other apps as well. So what I think Ian has in mind is a bzr plugin, and
if it is installed, trac-bzr can make use of it and speed things up, and
if not, it either won't work (thus making the caching bzr plugin a hard
requirement) or it will fall back to some less efficient approach.
Sounds quite sensible to me.

-- Martin

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