Bazaar does not support umlauts in file names on Mac OS X

Jean-Francois Roy bahamut at
Fri Nov 27 20:31:44 GMT 2009

On Nov 27, 2009, at 11:21, Alexander Belchenko wrote:

> Nicholas Allen пишет:
>> I just reported this bug (
>> but thought it might be worth mentioning on this list as it seems like a
>> pretty serious bug and maybe someone knows a workaround.
>> Basically it's not possible to add files with umlauts (German
>> characters) in their names on Mac OS X.
>> Any help greatly appreciated.
> This is known problem with native Mac filesystem, because it tends to do denormalization of unicode
> filenames. John Meinel can provide more details, but as I remember there is no simple way to solve
> this problem because when you wrote unicode filename from python and then read back directory
> listing you'll get different form of unicode (literally: different bytes).

A possible way to fix this would be to use extended attributes to store the name of each entry of the branch's tree as known by Bazaar. This would probably require some work, but would allow Bazaar to avoid the Unicode decomposition issue, provided it does proper unicode string comparisons internally and, obviously, updates that extended attribute correctly.


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