Open source (Emacs) development using Bazaar (Explorer) tutorial

David Muir davidkmuir at
Fri Nov 27 12:51:02 GMT 2009

Brilliant! I was in the process of writing a long email asking for 
something like this.


Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> With the Emacs team about to switch to Bazaar, I put together a tutorial
> last night explaining how *I* think open source projects ought to use
> Bazaar. The tutorial uses Bazaar Explorer but the workflows equally
> apply to those using the command line. The example project used is GNU
> Emacs but the processes apply to many open source projects, either
> already on Launchpad or capable or being mirrored there.
> Here's the link:
> Note: This tutorial very intentionally says "this is how to use Bazaar"
> instead of offering multiple options up front. I hope this approach
> helps to get new users over the initial learning curve (by removing
> choices).
> As always, feedback is most welcome. (For example, I suspect qsend could
> be more nicely configured but I don't use it myself.) I'd particularly
> like to hear from the new users about anything which needs more or
> better explanation.
> Could someone on the emacs-developers list please announce this tutorial
> there, collect feedback and report back?
> Like the Visual Guide, I'm happy to see this document ported to KDE,
> Windows and OS X. Please join the bzr-doc team and work with the guys
> and girls there if you'd like to help with that.
> Ian C.

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