re-enable bug expiry?

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Nov 26 10:19:18 GMT 2009

Launchpad has a feature where bugs left in the 'incomplete' state for
60 days are marked expired. <>
has the rationale.  We have this off.  I wonder if we should turn it
back on?

At the moment we have 158 incomplete bugs out of 1793 open bugs in
total.  (So it's not that big of a percentage.)  However, I think we
generally do only set things to incomplete when it's really not
feasible to make progress on them without more information.  So just
killing them may help clean things up, or in some cases the expiry
message may remind people to provide the data.

I think the main downside is that sometimes these bugs don't have
really useful information, but if a dupe later comes in they would add
a small amount of information.  But you can still find them.

Alternatively we could implement this manually by just killing old
incomplete bugs when we see them.  This seems to happen now.

Martin <>

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