Some plans for scmproj

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Nov 26 04:22:58 GMT 2009

Ian Clatworthy пишет:
> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>> So, to unblock further development I decided to remove several features:
>> alts (though they are very useful), subsets (never proved to be very
>> useful) and move project.cfg from separate branch that lived in .scmproj
>> directory to in-tree config, using the latest approved way with .bzrmeta
>> (thanks, Ian).
>> Removing alts is critical point, because right now it blocks snapshots
>> implementation. Also it will simplify some other things. And also
>> unblocks desire to have several project configs with different number of
>> components (subsets does not help us here, unfortunately).
> Hi Alexander,
> Thanks for the update. All up, we now have 3 plugins solving different
> parts of the "metaproject" problem:
> 1. scmproj
> 2. externals
> 3. builder
> The latter is getting a lot of attention from Canonical right now as
> it's a key part of UDD. I wonder whether builder's recipes would be
> helpful to you in replacing alts? IIRC, "alts" are alternative views so
> QA can test certain combinations aren't they?

Ummm, I'm not sure I understand your question about alts and QA.

Alts in scmproj is equivalent of branch for meta (mega?) project.
Alts described several set of component branches. Initially they are introduced to support
(emulate?) something like colocated branches.

Currently we're using alts to differentiate between main (trunk) branches of project,
and developers (features) branches of the same project.

> See
> and

I'll have a look, thanks.

>> Also, I'm planning to release latest code from trunk as 0.4.6 and then
>> in several steps going to new design as listed above. It will be major
>> design, UI and API break, but I hope it will make scmproj much better.
> Me too.

Thanks for moral support.

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