Resolving conflicts with Bazaar Explorer

Gordon Tyler gordon at
Wed Nov 25 20:51:36 GMT 2009

DeeJay wrote:
> As I understand it, qbzr and explorer are not mutually exclusive
> independent facilities. It says at -

qbzr can be used entirely independently of Explorer. In fact that's how 
I use it most of the time. I've integrated the qbzr commands I use the 
most (qlog, qdiff, qcommit, qpush) into Komodo as "tools" that I can run 
from a menu. However, the converse is not true of Explorer, as the 
website indicates.

> 'BzrExplorer provides most of its functionality by calling out to
> mini-applications provided by "application suites", namely the QBzr
> and bzr-gtk plugins. '
> I think that if your qbzr plugin is 0.16.0 or later, and you have the
> extmerge plugin installed and configured as noted in Garry's blog,
> then the option to detect, deconflict and resolve conflicts will be in
> the Browse and Commit menus of Bzr Explorer. They are for me, and make
> sorting out conflicts almost elegant.

I have the correct versions. However, the Conflicts window that I was 
assuming was Explorer code is in fact a qbzr command invoked from 
selecting Resolve Conflicts from the Work menu in Explorer's main 
window. It is this Conflicts window which is not invoking kdiff3 
correctly when I select a file and click the Launch... button.

If I use "Merge conflict" from the context menu of a file in the qcommit 
window, it invokes kdiff3 correctly.

I guess I should file a bug about this.

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