[RFC] Bazaar Localisation Team

Henning Eggers henning.eggers at canonical.com
Wed Nov 25 10:01:03 GMT 2009

Alexander suggested that I provide some insight on how you can organize
the l10n work for your projects.

> Just to provide you more info, here is quote from
> https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+question/91575/+confirm?answer_id=0

This works: ;)

> "In general, though, if you are concerned with the quality rather than 
> the quantity of translations, you should consider not using Open 
> permissions, but rather Structured or Restricted, assigned to a trusted 
> translations group (e.g. launchpad-translators)."
> Is it official Launchpad/Ubuntu policy?

Yes, to ensure good quality of your translations you will have to assign
official "translators"[1] for each language that your project is being
translated into. Only official translators can review and accept (or
reject) suggested translations to be actually used in the application.
Translators are assigned per-language by the translation group that has
been set to be responsible for the translation effort on this project.

Without the use of a translation group, translations will remain "Open"
and *anybody* can change them.

Now, you have two or three options:

1. Ask (us rosetta admins) for your own translation group to be created,
e.g. "Bazaar Translators". Then it would be the responsibility of the
owner of this new group to assign translators (a single person or a
team) for each language.

2. Set "Launchpad Translators" as the responsible translation group.
This group already has teams for a lot of languages set up that are
experienced translators and ensure quality translations.

3. Set "Ubuntu Translators" as the responsible translation group but I
am not sure what their policy is for accepting new projects. So maybe
this is a non-option.

> Does these official translators understand DVCS terms better than 
> experienced users like me? (And note that I'm using bzr almost from the 
> earliest days).

That is a very good question. You can only really be sure if you start
your own translation group and select translators by their domain
knowledge. A different approach might be to have translators with domain
knowledge join their respective "Launchpad XX Translators" team to help
that team develop good practices in translating Bazaar-related projects.

> This is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER for every translator IMO. Always 
> should be canonical glossary with the variants how to translate terms, 
> so all translations around bzr ecosystem (docs, GUI l10n, CLI l10n) will 
> use *the same words*.

Exactly and that is what Translation teams do for their language. Look
at the group page above and you will see "guidelines" URLs that point to
that sort of information for that particular language. If you join the
team for your language you can work with them to extend (or start) the
glossary for that language to include Bazaar terms.

> Unfortunately the LP does not have a way to specify Glossaries. This is 
> big misfeature IMO.

We *do* have the guidelines URL as I pointed out above. What *is*
missing, though, is an integration of a glossary into Launchpad. There
are blueprints for this but no plans for implementation on our part atm.

Hope this did help. Please feel free to ask further questions!

Launchpad Translations Team

[1] Note the little confusion in terms here. "Official translators" are
really "reviewers of translations", whereas any launchpad user can
suggest translations to be reviewed and thus be a translator without
being part of a special team.

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