Resolving conflicts with Bazaar Explorer

A. S. Budden abudden at
Wed Nov 25 08:05:09 GMT 2009

2009/11/25 David Muir <davidkmuir at>:
> After using bzr for almost a year, I've hit my first conflict.... and now I
> don't know what to do.
> In the past I've used NetBeans and Eclipse to resolve conflicts (for svn
> checkouts). So I did what any gui oriented guy would do and fired up Bazaar
> Explorer.
> I have it set up to use meld, so meld dutifully opens up the BASE, THIS and
> OTHER files in a 3 way diff. But now what?  The docs aren't very clear about
> this. They say to either edit the main copy of the file or by "invoking
> external tools on the THIS, OTHER, and BASE versions". Do I put all the
> corrections into THIS, then replace the main file with THIS?
> Are there other tools that better understand bzr conflict resolution that I
> could use instead of meld?

I haven't dealt with a great number of conflicts yet, but I've found
that diffmerge [1] works brilliantly.  I haven't tried meld (as I work
on multiple platforms and like to avoid one-OS-only applications where
possible), but diffmerge is very easy to use.  I configured it as:

C:\Progra~1\SourceGear\DiffMerge\DiffMerge.exe -result=%r -t1=BASE
-t2=THIS -t3=OTHER %b %t %o

(that should be all on one line).

You then click on the conflicts icon in Bazaar Explorer, select the
file in question and click "Launch".  Diffmerge pops up with the three
files side by side.  Right clicking on each conflict allows you to
pull it into the central one and when you quit, the central one
becomes the active version.  You then right-click on the file in
explorer and press "mark as resolved" and you're done.

Hope that helps.




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