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Tue Nov 24 23:00:31 GMT 2009

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> Despite my best efforts, it's only been rare that I've managed to get a
> contributor to raise their game, and it's never happened when I just
> fixed things for someone.

So honestly, I feel like this is about where it is at. For people that
really just want to scratch a quick itch, once the solution is
sufficient for them, they are probably done. And aren't really
interested in doing more work.

At that, we sort of have to decide whether given patches are worthwhile
on their own merit. I think having a pilot to help land them is helpful
in that we are responding to community feedback. (It was enough of a
bother that somebody put in the effort to work on it.) More than an
expectation that we will get higher quality submissions from them in the

I think it is reasonable to do the work to land them. Because often in
the process of reviewing it, I've done most of the work to actually
finish it off.

I think our review system doesn't make this particularly easy, but I
guess branching their work and putting up my own version isn't terribly
hard. I don't think it is easy to tell launchpad that my version
supersedes the other. I believe you might be able to say 'superseded',
but not give a link...

> Which is frustrating, because if I play the ogre and keep the bar high
> and push back, most people just go away.

Though if all they were doing is foisting off on you all of the hard
work, were they really providing a lot of benefit? Maybe.


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