Usage discussion from the GNU Emacs project.

Karl Fogel karl.fogel at
Tue Nov 24 16:00:51 GMT 2009

As GNU Emacs prepares to switch from CVS to Bazaar, its developers have
been asking questions about how to use Bazaar.

The thread is huge, and shows some of the confusion that can result from
the tool's offering being so rich and varied.  If you're interested in
how to better explain Bazaar to developers, and in what defaults to
choose, it might be useful to at least scan this thread (I'd say "read
this thread", but reading it fully would be a serious time committment,
and the thread isn't even over yet).

Note it originally started out as a discussion about our test conversion
being ready, so the thread's name is "bzr repository ready?", but the
how-to-use-Bazaar discussion starts around here

and quickly explodes.

  * Some of the confusion is probably due to terminology differences
    between CVS and Bazaar (it's not always easy to know how much each
    participant already knows about Bazaar)

  * Some of it is due to terminology changes currently happening in
    Bazaar (re "checkouts", I think)

  * Some of it is due to people coming form the git world and using git
    terminology to ask questions about how to use Bazaar in a project
    that has been in CVS up till now.

  * Some of it is due to Bazaar simply offering a lot of ways to do

I hope it's useful data.


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