bzr 2.0.2 ubuntu StableReleaseUpdate

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Nov 24 05:06:55 GMT 2009

I propose to kick of the process to get bzr 2.0.2 into Ubuntu karmic-updates.

Part of the point of our stable branch is to let us keep feeding out
bug fixes to users of all binary platforms, without having to pick
them out and support them case by case.

Although there are no absolutely critical fixes yet, there are some
very useful ones, and I think it would be good to start the process
rolling and to get some experience. documents the process,
and we'll be primarily relying on

 > Bugs which [are not security vulnerabilities, data loss, or severe
regressions], but (1) have an obviously safe patch and (2) affect an
application rather than critical infrastructure packages (like
or the kernel).

Our review policy for the 2.0 branch is meant to be things that are
noteworthy bugs and obviously safe, so we'll see if we're in agreement
with the Ubuntu maintainers.

Martin <>

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