Patch Pilot report

Jonathan Lange jml at
Mon Nov 23 10:54:16 GMT 2009

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 4:23 AM, Martin Pool <mbp at> wrote:
> 2009/11/23 Ian Clatworthy <ian.clatworthy at>:
>> Andrew Bennetts wrote:
>>> Generally speaking, that Launchpad page fails as a “what
>>> should I [the patch pilot] look at next” page; any section of that page can have
>>> patches deserving of attention from a patch pilot.  I touched patches from the
>>> top and bottom of that page.

What *should* the patch pilot look at next?

>> The thing I love about LP reviews is that it works so nicely across
>> every project on LP. The thing I dislike about it is that BundleBuggy
>> was a better queue manager for bzr core reviews.

I *think* this is because BundleBuggy encoded Bazaar-specific policy
into its behaviour. I bet that someone could hack up a client-side
thingy that would get you most of the way there.

> I agree, BB had somewhat better workflow by being quite clear about
> what things you could/should act on next for each type of work.

What do you mean by "type of work"? Can you please give some examples?

> I believe Tim is working on lp reviews so he might appreciate some
> more feedback.  Or he might already know it and just not have got
> around to fixing it yet.

Although I can't speak for Tim, I am personally interested in finding
out more and moving from these concerns to more concrete bug reports
and then to actual fixes.


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