Symlink kind changed to file on windows

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Nov 23 08:27:27 GMT 2009

Paul Harris пишет:
> 2009/11/20 Alexander Belchenko <bialix at <mailto:bialix at>>
>     This is all correct. I didn't maintained win32symlinks several
>     years, but last time it stopped to work for me exactly as described:
>     status converts symlinks to plain files.
>     And keeping monkey-patching up-to-date is hard task.
>     I'd recommend to Paul to using native Cygwin instead of my broken
>     plugin.
>     Sorry.
> um, it doesn't work in cygwin either... or do you mean the non-windows 
> bzr?  i just installed the standalone version, should I be using a 
> different version ?

You should use native Cygwin's version of bzr. Standalone bzr.exe knows 
nothing about Cygwin.

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