be careful with build system landings to 2.0

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Nov 18 07:19:55 GMT 2009

Inada's recent Japanese documentation was landed to both 2.0 and  While it's really valuable in itself and I hope we will get
more translations, I did want to note that it took me several attempts
over two days to get all the docs building cleanly again on
<>.  (Evidence that it's still broken
welcome, kinda.)

The upshot is just that we should be pretty damn careful taking
anything into 2.0 that changes the build system, because this is not
so well tested or well factored as the rest of the code and it tends
to break at inconvenient times.  We had some fallout from putting in
Sphinx in 2.0 too.  Build system includes sphinx setup,,

I don't know if I'd specifically say "zero changes to these post rc1"
but please review conservatively.

Martin <>

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