Bazaar for Git, VSS and Perforce users

Neil Martinsen-Burrell nmb at
Tue Nov 17 15:11:10 GMT 2009

Russel Winder <russel.winder <at>> writes:

> Looking at the Git entry, one obvious trivial point, there is a line
> between bound and branch in the bound branch entry which looks very
> weird.
> Can I propose a space between the end of the Concept table and the
> Command table, just having a line looks odd.

I've fixed the table formatting and added section headers in

> Might it be a good move to highlight better where a concept or command
> has very different semantics, e.g. branch?  I agree there is a "as in
> git" for the ones that are similar but this doesn't really indicate that
> things are different in entries where this is not present.
> The example commands don't have Git equivalents, just the Bazaar.


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