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Algis Kabaila akabaila at
Sun Nov 15 10:46:07 GMT 2009

On Friday 13 November 2009 20:48:18 Martin Pool wrote:
> I *think* the new documentation website is now all up, automated, and
> working well at <>.  There are some things
> people can do to help though:
>  * Look for any broken links (there probably are some; I've not yet
> run an automatic checker.)

Have not spotted any broken links.  One complaint from me as a Konqueror user 
- if one opens the link to explorer ( ) 
the bar with the headers "Get Excited" "Get Started" "Get Going" does not 
behave as it should (and as it behaves when using Firefox).  It shrinks or 
expands at different rate to the page. In some views it extends beyond the 
white part of the page.  In a word, it looks downright ugly.

I suspect that the format has some "MS Special" html code, a well known design 
"feature" that makes things look reasonably OK under IE, but RS with OSS 
browsers, such as Konqueror.  Firefox seems to take a more "pragmatic" view to 
the standards and better emulates IE behaviour than Konqueror.

Of course, Konqueror is ubiquitous and capable of emulating other browsers - I 
have tried it only under the default configuration. (It is of little 
consequence to me, as I have Firefox as well as Konqueror.)  I think that the 
reaction from users of distros that prefer KDE will be rather negative, as the 
Konqueror is often quoted as the reason for using preferring KDE.

Unfortunately I am not sufficiently familiar with html to offer any solutions and 
can only gripe about it  :(


Algis Kabaila, MEngSc, PhD(Eng)

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