[Attention] QBzr trunk converted to 2a format

Max Bowsher maxb at f2s.com
Wed Nov 11 12:07:10 GMT 2009

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I have only one concern/question regarding renaming:
> we have a lot of stacked branches there, e.g. lp:qbzr/0.14,
> lp:qbzr/0.15, many users branches, do they auto-magically will be
> re-stacked to renamed trunk? Or they will use new trunk?

Good point, I failed to consider stacked branches.

Launchpad's DB metadata will know that they are supposed to be stacked
on the renamed trunk, but currently it won't update the on-disk
branches, so they will indeed break.

There is a bug open on this (377519) about fixing this so hopefully at
some point in the future this will be possible.


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