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Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Nov 10 00:29:47 GMT 2009

What's supposed to happen on the doc web site:

One directory per release (including betas) containing a build of all
of the docs, plus one for trunk, plus one for the 2.0 branch.  And
these are in eg doc.b.o/bzr.2.0.0/ or doc.b.o/

One symbolic link called 'latest' (to the latest stable release, eg 2.0.2).

Inside each per-release or per-branch directory, there's one directory
per language plus a /downloads and a /developers directory.

Inside doc.b.o there's one subdirectory per language (eg which is a thin shim over the structure
that points you to all of the releases, including a guide to the main
releases (current stable release, stable branch and development
branch.)    This is built from the alldocs branch, which is one page
per language.  There's a configuration file in there that needs to be
edited every time we do a release to tell it the name of the latest
stable and beta releases, and then doing 'make websites' (or
something) will regenerate the pages.  It only changes the headings
because the pages are actually linked to through symlinks that are
separately updated.

At the moment just gives you a directory
listing but it should instead redirect to /en/ (like the website does)
or better detect your browser language and redirect based on that.

We won't have a redirect for the per-branch or per-release directories
because gives you a reasonable
directory listing and it'll normally be accessed through the top level
page in /en/ which points you into /bzr.2.0.0/en/.

So actions from here:

 * get a redirect from / into /en/ (or into the browser preferred language?)
 * fix scripts to build the /developers/ and /downloads/ items
 * take all this description and put it into a wiki page or developer
doc or somewhere similarly permanent
 * work out why the makefile is not producing a top-level _build directory

Martin <>

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