Question about features

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at
Thu Nov 5 17:25:57 GMT 2009

Gordon Tyler wrote:
> Daniel Carrera wrote:
>> I agree. I plan to use rsync, except that I must be mindful to send 
>> different branches to different directories. For example:
>> ** BAD: **
>> cd ../feature-A/
>> ... hack ...
>> rsync avz -e ssh daniel at .  # So far so good.
>> cd ../feature-B/
>> ... hack ...
>> rsync avz -e ssh daniel at .  # OOPS.
> I don't quite understand what would be bad about this. Is it something 
> specific to your testing workflow? I would imagine that introducing 
> extra path elements in the URLs of your site that are merely artifacts 
> of the development process would be bad.

You know what? I think you are right and I goofed. I was thinking: "what 
if feature A and feature B both edit the same file?".

But thinking about it a little more, it doesn't matter. On the second 
rsync command, all the changes in feature A are effectively deleted and 
replaced by those in feature B. Is that right? So there's no conflict. 
The test page simply switches from one branch to another.

Thanks! It looks like I was making this whole thing a lot harder than it 
needed to be. Thanks for the help.


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