bzr-Explorer could be a better learning tool.

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Nov 5 10:11:14 GMT 2009

Algis Kabaila пишет:
> Ian et al,
> bzr-Explorer is the *kill-application* for Bazaar.  Whilst I consider that GUI 
> has disadvantages, mainly in difficulty to document it, it is used much more 
> widely than CLI.
> OTH, there will invariably be occasions when CLI will be required.  This is 
> the case with most programs, but particularly with versioning tools. 
> Initially, vast majority of users would prefer to work exclusively with GUI, 
> but over a time period most will want to use CLI as well.  So bzr-Explorer is 
> both a versioning tool and a learning/teaching tool for CLI of  Bazaar text 
> UI.
> I would think that it would not be too difficult to add one icon on the tool 
> bar, called perhaps "debug" that would toggle a small panel/window that would 
> show the bzr command being executed (including the switches). It would not 
> stand in the way of normal operation and give an option to use the bzr-
> Explorer as a learning tool.

Because many actions in bzr-explorer doing via qbzr or bzr-gtk IMO it 
worth to have such functionality in QBzr too. In fact QBzr tends most of 
the time run plain bzr CLI under the hood, so it will be even more 
suitable for your idea.

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