bzr-fastimport: Set branch-nick from git ref-names

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Thu Nov 5 07:14:01 GMT 2009

Max Bowsher wrote:

> On further inspection, bzr-fastimport doesn't store whether it's seen
> feature commands at all. It just uses them to error early if it doesn't
> support a declared feature.
> Therefore, I've opted for *always* defaulting the branch-nick from the
> ref name, but allowing an explicit branch-nick property in the
> fastimport stream to dominate.
> If this approach is acceptable to you, I'll write up an actual merge
> proposal for


That sounds fine. Please proceed with the MP.

Ian C.

PS:  I'm feeling a little under the weather this week but I'll take a
look as soon as my brain is working again.

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