What's Canonical thinking about Bazaar?

David Ingamells david.ingamells at mapscape.eu
Tue Nov 3 13:33:52 GMT 2009

I have been watching this thread and now feel that I need to add my 
penny's worth.

In my opinion

    * Martin is doing an outstanding job running the bazaar project.
      Many other open source projects could do well to follow his (and
      his team's) example.
    * Canonical has every right to expect a return from their
      investment. We should be grateful that they have such an open
      policy and that we too can benefit from such a great tool.
    * It is very unlikely that Canonical's direction will result in
      enhancements that others cannot benefit from. After all, the
      things Canonical need to be able to do are things many projects
      need to do, both in the open source and the commercial world.

So Martin, keep doing a great job!


Martin Pool wrote:
> I want to answer this point by point, but also say a few things up front:
>  * Canonical management is not giving employee developers more
> direction than in the past, we're just doing it more publicly
>  * Things that will help Ubuntu are largely things that will help
> other users too, and at least in part aligned with the previously
> discussed UI improvements
>  * A direction to "please spend some time on X" doesn't exclude people
> spending other parts of their work time on Y, or on us taking patches
> from other people for Z.  As a manager I think it's very important and
> beneficial to give developers substantial discretionary time to do
> what they think best for the project, and at Canonical they get to do
> this.
> I'm the manager of the Bazaar team at Canonical so these directions go
> through me to our engineers, and plenty of feedback goes back.

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